'The Picnic'


'The Picnic' represents a moment in time, a gathering of tribes who celebrate life in all it's glory - it's ups and downs, it's twists and turns and it's unexpected surprises. Hand crafted for Yvonne, this artwork portrays the giving and receiving of love, appreciation of life in all forms, her intimate connection with nature and for all beings whether past, present or future. 




Taking centre stage in the painting, the Ring Mistress in her 'dress up' costume exudes marvelous glory and playfulness, as she goes about her day with her unique way of seeing. Yvonne learnt that life has many perspectives. That she has the power to chose adventure and to make life fun by playing and creating in everyday ways:

" I knew that I always wanted to wear adventure and not the expected constraints

of life" 

Well that you certainly do well, Yvonne!

Motivator - life-breather - conscious -storyteller you can find Yvonne on Instagram.

Thank you Yvonne, for inspiring me to be the best person I can be