W a n d e r l u s t  Art

Bringing your stories alive


Do you have a desire to travel (within) 

and experience life without limitations?

Would you like to see how this looks in a painting?

'I've just received my beautiful piece of art. I am so emotional. It’s even more beautiful in the flesh than I thought, I am just obsessed with it. I am over the moon, I can’t stop looking at it and I will treasure it till the day I die. When I look at it it makes me feel loved, understood, peaceful and powerful. And I’m mesmerised by the aesthetic beauty of it.

It is so important to me, thank you' 


 Toria Garbutt - UK Poet - Author - Educator- Mother










Evoke feelings of joy & innocence, and see your truth in visual form

Unknowingly, people may be blocked by their self-limiting beliefs or their long forgotten desires are simply forgotten about.  Wanderlust Art is a trans-formative experience for people who wish reconnect with what really matters to them. 

This is an exploratory and intimate process. Eimear will invite you to follow a 7 day inward journey from your own home, using short visualisation techniques which will take around 15-30 minutes. These audio meditations (led by teacher / mentor Niamh Kavanagh)  will help you to relax and blissfully awaken the spirit of your imagination. You will be gently guided to respond to thought-provoking question each day. You will want to really connect with this process The more truthful you are with yourself, the more meaningful and powerful your artwork will become. 

Eimear will then create your Wanderlust artwork, based on your insights. Her mission is to intuitively capture your soul purpose in visual form and to show you how your life looks without limitation.

You will receive the artwork along with a written meaning explanation and a certificate of authenticity. (This may take up to 4 weeks). Your Wanderlust Art will be there to remind and inspire you on a day to day basis and may become a wonderfully valuable family heirloom in years to come.

This is a highly personified artwork unique to you, your individual life experience and your ultimate truth.

This is not not something you can buy off the shelves.

Suitable for anybody, who has a desire to live their truth. 

Would you like to gift yourself, or a loved one?

It may be the most meaningful thing you could do for yourself, or give to another.

It is one for the person who has everything. Or nothing. 


See previous Wanderlust commissions:

final small crop.jpg

And Then Home

My visual interpretation of Aja's inner world touches upon her fascination with vintage era, a taste for the exotic as well as an appreciation of the simple things in life.


The Universe

In Her


Her outward expression is bold, colourful, joyous and striking.  She was made for stage and to inspire others...




In the true spirit of Jimin, the dancer is looking for adventure and mischief, because God forgive her if she ever got bored. This girl needs excitement...

the picnic cropt.jpg

The Picnic

....a moment in time, a gathering of tribes who celebrate life in all it's glory; it's ups and downs, it's twists and turns and it's unexpected surprises. 




The vibrant little finch is unafraid to express what makes its heart sing It is an outwardly jovial and upbeat bird with many lessons to teach us...


''I’m bawling again. Poetry’s coming out of places I hadn’t given enough time to. Thank you. And the result is that I am writing these sweet poems that aren’t darkened by bad memories. And I’m grateful for that because it’s so important we remember the good memories and keep them pure. See your ripple effect''

 Toria Garbutt - UK Poet - Author - Educator- Mother - Yorkshire, England


'I highly recommend Eimear’s art, if you’re after something meaningful and distinctive. All elements of the piece have obviously been very considered. Definite value for money.

Something valuable that my girlfriend will own forever'

PJ Liverpool, England

'I love the “ life without limitations “ concept and feel that you are changing lives , one or more at a time through your work AND making the world a more quirky, inspiring and intriguing place to be. Thank you so much for the range of questions that made me consider many angles of life again... places that had gone to sleep!'

Yvonne Forsyth, Dumfriesshire, Scotland