'The Universe In Her'

The Universe In Her encapsulates Toria's true spirit and personality. Honouring her needs to be still and at peace, she falls deep into her big blue bath, submerged in swirls of incense.


Within her protective bubble, she holds her precious things. The enduring love of mother and child is represented by the intertwined hearts of the Celtic Knot.

Wilds flowers remind Toria to run through the fields, sing loud and be free just like she dreamed of as a child.

She was made for stage and to inspire others, but she knows her time to shine and her time to retreat. She also  knows how to  appreciate and celebrate the simplest things - with bells!


 'I felt invested in my Wanderlust artwork, our joint energy has been put into it, and I wanted to keep that feeling and connection forever. When I look at it it makes me feel loved, understood, peaceful and powerful. And I’m mesmerised by the aesthetic beauty of it' 

Toria Garbutt

Thank you Toria 

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'Is all that we see or seem, but a dream within a dream'  Edgar Allan Poe

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