Artists Residency at The Fish Factory - Autumn 2019


During my month long stay at the Fish Factory, I gathered information on the surrounding landscape and folklore.  It is a big deal for an artist to have such  peaceful and uninterrupted time and I had been longing to visit rural Iceland for so long that finally getting there was truly a dream come true for me. 

You can see more about the residency here

Eimear 2 tramploine.jpg

A selection of fresh works which derived from my time in Iceland will be

available to buy as prints in Spring/Summer 2021. See gallery below.

(the last one is a bit cheeky so if you're not into cheeky then look away now)

There will be a limited run of 20 only, and my subscribers will be the first to find out.

contact me if you wish to pre-order!

The residency gave opportunity for me to begin the creation of an ongoing body of work. 

Sadly (due to Covid-19 restrictions) a planned exhibition in Austria in 2020 had to be postponed.

Myself and artists Angelika Kreilinger, Eric Neunteufel (Austria) and Nola Boyle (US) who worked nearby me at the Fish Factory wish to exhibit the works which we made there. This is something which we are planning to pick up again once the situation allows, and perhaps it good opportunity to further develop the work meanwhile, so all good!

The studies I have made have also formed the foundation of what will become a set of illustrations to be compiled into

book of poems with my sister Niamh Kavanagh

I was very drawn to the colour black in my work (this is new surprise for me) I found it fascinating that it is such a dominant colour appearing in the landscape in different forms. Black can be associated with the feeling of threat or darkness, unapproachable like it is a colour to be avoided. Its so intense to the eye and in Iceland it felt deeply beautiful and grounding to my soul. I became obsessed with ravens, an ornamental one at first caught me eye. Then I started to see them all over.

According to Icelandic folklore,  ravens are seen as messengers. I felt a very strong sense of being spoken to.


This is a poem I wrote in Iceland, in honour of Michael Blyth, who passed away during my stay there.

RIP my dear friend and thank you for joining me in the Fjords.



The Raven

I reached the small house by the forest

The ice-cream man didn't come that day

I took off my shoes and opened my mail

And my heart

It sank

I looked out the window

Natures perfection looked back at me

It said


That this is our life

But also our death

That there is no loss

Only fragmented disorganisation

Eimear Kavanagh


Sojourn(al) - Artists Studio Exchange with Eilis Ní Fhaoláin, October 2016


Sojourn(al) was a kind of grass roots project that came about through visiting Backwater Studios and striking up conversation. Whilst many residencies can end up being very costly and can involve a lengthy process in applying, this developed more organically through kindness of people who just wanted to make it happen. 

Artist (and now good friend) Eilis Ní Fhaoláin responded to my request for an exchange partner to literally swap lives for a month. Like a Freaky Friday but better.  Homes and studios were generously provided and  we managed  to do the exchange without any extra costs of baggage to transport our newly created artworks back and forth. Yes it was all folded up into tiny packages, and carried through hand luggage.  Really getting one up on Ryan Air.

Finally ending up in exhibition at Road Studios in Liverpool.  Words and pictures review here by Patrick Kirk-Smith.