Liverpool 2019 -Naked Lunch 'Curious Minds' exhibition, @drunktankphoto photography

About Eimear

Eimear is a mixed media artist with eclectic & diverse influences. She describes her work as simply:

 ‘Being informed & inspired by the world around me, as I see it’.

Dig a little deeper & discover her fascination with the dynamic multiplicities of what it is to be human, how genetic destiny plays out in our lives. Emotions, needs and desires repeat and haunt. Nature becomes her muse as she looks for the innate wisdom that it brings. She provides a rich visual feast for lovers of art, which tell tales of far beyond what the eye can see. Eimear explores the difference between the real and the imaginary by putting everyday situations in new abstract context.


Working in the community she supports and inspires the vulnerable, with a passion for healing through art and encouraging creative thinking for happier living


Being a product of the Irish diaspora Eimear revels in surprise, change and move, perhaps to the point where it makes her feel enriched and alive. Her life as an artist has in the past taken her on many journeys upon distant lands with experiences feeding into her ever after.


Eimear currently lives in (The) Wirral in a historical building overlooking the Mersey.

She wonders if she has finally settled.

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'Is all that we see or seem, but a dream within a dream'  Edgar Allan Poe

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