'The Hullabaloo'


Hullabaloo was created for Eileen. As a representation of her as her younger self, placed within and around her serene travelling garden of paradise. The beauty she experiences within her, goes wherever she goes.

Her moving vessel, made up from the swirls and designs from her mothers tablecloth of Irish linen, transports her forward into new dimensions, reaching the realities of her make-believe.

Floating through the stunning Canadian Rockies, she looks for mischief and adventure, brazenly displaying her evocative dance and zest for life!



'The excitement was great as this piece of Art was presented to me and I was totally taken aback as I didn't know what to expect..  It made me smile, it made me laugh,  thought it was very meaningful and very accurate.. What a hullabaloo.....To be treasured forever.Thank you Eimear ' 

Eileen O'Connor, retired Queen of cake making, Liverpool

Thank you Eileen, I loved basking in your mischief!