'And Then Home'

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‘And Then Home’ 

My visual interpretation of Aja's inner world touches upon her fascination with vintage era, a taste for the exotic as well as an appreciation of the simple things in life.

During contemplation, Aja found her hazy perfect day with a soft romantic feel and delicate feminine beauty. 




One of Aja's treasured memories shared with her mum was their love of the classic TV drama Pride & Prejudice. Beyond the aesthetics of style and beauty lies a deep admiration for the customs and traditions of times gone by, how society then shaped women and often subdued their true personalities. Then along comes Elizabeth Bennet the most rebellious and outspoken character of all, showing everyone around her how how to keep it real! As a likely inspirational figure to many, it was her bold independence and ability to see beauty in all things which really made an impression on Aja in her younger years. To capture this, I have a painted the vintage hat stand/lace bonnet and hand-held fan to fill the centre of the painting whilst detailing intricate antique lace to frame the design.


A tranquil and romantic setting gives the impression of a summer meadow, surrounded by nature with a sweet breeze. The feeling is harmonious and dreamlike, yet vivid and not at all out of reach. 


The two cranes and cherry blossom featured in the painting hold Aja's fascination with the East, Japan being the place she is yet to visit. Until then she has maybe unknowingly embodied the very spirit and beliefs of Japanese culture throughout her life. The Crane bird is symbolised in the ancient craft of Origami and is considered a mystical creature as it is believed to live for a thousand years.


Symbolising longevity and good fortune, the Japanese refer to the crane as the ‘bird of happiness’. The wings of the crane were believed to carry souls up to paradise. Mothers who pray for their children for protection will recite the prayer:

‘O flock of heavenly cranes, cover my child with your wings’”

(Uncover Art of Japan)

The omnipresence of Motherhood, divine femininity and spiritual connection with daughter and child was felt throughout the making of Aja's Wanderlust Art. 

'I loved the meditations, imagining and writing. I haven’t done something like that in years, feels great! It’s been very insightful and makes me feel really at peace. I really appreciate this experience. The artwork you have created really represents a part of me and I’m very grateful for that'  Aja Power

Thank you Aja, for allowing us a glimpse into your gorgeous, nostalgic inner world. Send us a postcard from Japan please!