'My art is about transformation; exploring the light and dark qualities of being human, expressed through nature and the elements'

Liverpool 2019 -Naked Lunch 'Curious Minds' exhibition, @drunktankphoto photography

I am delighted to share the animation video I made with Sam Gill. This project allowed me to explore a new exciting artform and I loved the visual effect of story telling through movement. 

The film gives visual reference to a song  titled The Wounds Of Love,  by The Fernweh band.

Expect a cohesive narrative of gloomy 

military monochrome with child-like playtime scenes, expressing the lyrical song content and abstract references to an Oscar Wilde short story, among other more themes. Full video here




Interpretation through art and visualisation, see  Wanderlust Art. 

This is an immersive opportunity for those who wish to dig deep and travel within. Do you wish to realise your dreams and connect more fully with your soul purpose right now?

EXPERIENCE art through visualisation and connection.  

final small crop.jpg


You can browse through my residencies page to showcase the works that I made made at the Fish Factory in Iceland 2019.

Iceland was a truly submerging experience where I connected physically and emotionally with nature.

The gallery displays a mixture of artforms which include photography, sketch studies, paintings and poetry,

created in the remote wild Eastern


Ice garden



'I highly recommend Eimear’s art, if you’re after something meaningful and distinctive. All elements of the piece have obviously been very considered. Definite value for money.

Something valuable that my girlfriend will own forever'

Thank you PJ! Liverpool UK

'I love the “ life without limitations “ concept and feel that you are changing lives , one or more at a time through your work AND making the world a more quirky, inspiring and intriguing place to be.

Thank you so much for the range of questions that made me consider many angles of life again...

places that had gone to sleep!'

Thank you Yvonne Forsyth! Dumfriesshire, Scotland

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'Is all that we see or seem, but a dream within a dream'  Edgar Allan Poe

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