I was listening lots to a lucid dreaming meditation at night & would wake up with ideas which could've felt like they'd popped up out of nowhere; but I received them as really valid bits of information which helped direct my creative work. I like this way of seeing, as if visually recording snippets from the subconcious mind.


*Next year Stöðvarfjörður, Iceland - August/September 2018


So-Journ(al) Cork, Ireland - September 2016

A one-month exchange between myself at Road Studios, Liverpool &

Éilis Ní Fhaoláin at Backwater Artists Group, Cork.

We used our exchange time as a visual fact-finding mission; this was framed by our ongoing interest in the environment (urban & rural) and how it reflects & impacts on those who dwell within it.

You can read the 'Featured Artists' interview with Art in Liverpool (which took place ahead of our exhibition) here 


We then had a post-exhibition reveiw by Patrick Kirk Smith - read here


A written blog, kept by myself & Eilis during residency/exchange time

can be read here 

During my stay in Cork I mostly took to the streets of the inner city with my phone camera. In retrospect I think I was as much smitten by the coffe shops and food as I was the urban environment. Each morning I buzzed high from the coffee & took a trip around the streets with my eyes. I was fully taken by the colours of old-style mills & cottages dotted along the river Lee.

Also, what I really love the most about Ireland is being captured by the skies & the dramaticly fast-changing weather. Maybe it's Iraland that gave me my love for rain & winters. Natures elements & patterns became very much present in my work during my stay, although some in quite abstract form. Shapes of tiny snowflakes & hale crystals appear magnified.

At the end of our residency, Eilis & I presented visuals created & collated in a pop-up show at Road Studios, Liverpool. The transitory nature of our exchange was reflected in the presentation of our exhibition.

(One of the most fun parts of this whole exchange was to pack & transport the entire body of work made in Cork, through hand lugguage restrictions on board Ryan Air flight. And then exhibit it!)